'Tis the Season for Details

Over Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to visit the most visual (and happiest, right?) place on Earth – Disney World.  You’re probably expecting Mickey and Minnie, but my camera caught another side of Disney.  The food, the silhouettes, the blue skies, and the color: it’s stunning.  I’ve always seen another side of the world and you’ll notice that in my photography. 

So where are you headed this holiday season?  To the beach?  To family? To Disney?  Wherever your travels take you, I encourage you to capture the details beyond the moment.  Do you need the iconic family picture?  Yes.  But, it’s so wonderful to preserve the little pieces that we often forget as time forges on.  The big moments take us to a place in time, but the details make us feel the happiness we felt in those photographs.

For all of you holiday travelers, be safe and be merry!