Meg + Sam: First Look


Everyone has a favorite part.  If you look at any photographer’s work, there’s a portion of their final images that shine just a little brighter than the rest.  I hope my shine comes across in the First Look.  Just think about the minutes leading up to this moment:  everyone is hurrying, a bridesmaid forgot her left shoe, a groomsman is stuck in traffic, the cake is melting, the world is spinning out of control...but the second the groom is positioned in the quiet, awaiting the First Look, the spinning stops.  Then it’s all about the two of you (and me, hiding in the distance!).     

Meet Meg & Sam.  They met in Virginia as friends and didn’t start dating until years later when their paths crossed again.  I love his face.  There isn’t anything more authentic than this moment.  This First Look is so much more than a look.  It’s everything to come in the next few hours…and months…and years. 

It’s everything.  

Congratulations Meg + Sam and to everything before and after that First Look.