Bethany + Joshua : Anniversary

You’re engaged.  The ring is sparkling and you think, “I need engagement pictures.”  They’ll go on your mantle, on the holiday cards, and probably on your soon-to-be-mailed Save the Dates.  Then the wedding, oh the wedding.  You’ve dreamt your whole life of timeless images capturing family, friends, and the big moments.  The kiss, the flower girl, the dance – it’s all there.  You’ll call your photographer again when a baby comes along, because those life-altering moments have a place on the holiday card too, and under the tree for the grandparents.  But somewhere in all the shuffle, the anniversaries get lost.  “We’ll celebrate soon,” you say and pretty soon it’s been five years.  Your marriage was something to celebrate on your wedding day and 5, 10, 15, and 50 years later it is all the more cause to celebrate.      

Bethany and Joshua thought so too.  Newly married, but hoping to capture their more casual side, I met them in Rock Creek Park with their adorable dog.  Their photos were everything we hoped:  laid back, full of love, and 100% them.  When it’s all about the two of you, you can’t go wrong. 

Weddings & Engagements happen once, but they are only the start of your story together.  Take the time to capture your marriage through the years! 

Happy Anniversary Bethany & Joshua!