Are you a Wanderlust Bride?

There are a million different types of brides out there.  There's the "Home-Spun Bride" that has always dreamt of marrying her one and only in her parents backyard.  There's the "Traditional Bride" who has a church wedding and seated reception hall dinner.  There's the "Barn and Mason Jar Bride" who will likely DIY the entire event.  And then there's the "Wanderlust Bride."  She's a free-spirit, who loves to travel, and will do anything to avoid the stress, cost, and burden of a traditional wedding.  She is content with the fact that not everyone in her family can attend, and will happily trade those invitations for quiet moments next to the sea.  A wedding for the Wanderlust bride is starting a new journey with a beautiful new experience.     

So ask yourself:  Am I a Wanderlust bride?  If you are, we'd love to talk to you!    

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