Featured Artist: Two Rivers' Framing the Future Gala

On March 25th, I was proud to be included as a Featured Artist at Two Rivers' Framing the Future Gala.  The event, which is the school's largest fundraiser, supports their arts education program, bringing in over 30% of their budget in one night!  (To see statistics visit @theframinggala on Instagram.)

The idea that my images from our beautiful city are helping to ignite a passion for art is overwhelming.  Through the arts program at Two Rivers, preschool through 8th grade students not only learn to draw, sing, paint, and act, they are offered fun and engaging ways to sharpen their critical thinking skills and reflect on their own practice - skills that Two Rivers believes are at the heart of deeper learning. Want to know more about Two Rivers, just click here!  

If you missed your chance to get one of these images, want an image in a different size than what was available, or want to purchase images such as cherry blossom prints or images from my upcoming trip to Italy feel free to contact me at marianne@marianneblackham.com.  Mention Two Rivers until 5/6/17 and I will donate 10% of the sale to the school.  **Email me to inquire what prints I will be getting in Italy or to request a print from a different DC location.

I'm so thankful to be a part of this great event and excited to see the future of art in our community!